Day Trippers Band Bio:

The Day Trippers are a fairly new band, and they've taken Long Island and the New York City area by storm.

With each member having years of live performances and band experience, combined with playing the iconic songs of the World's greatest band, the group knew they were on to something very special when they formed.

The Day Trippers have worked hard to refine and perfect the Beatles amazing song catalog, so it's no wonder they are in high demand and growing a fan base rapidly.

Here's more tidbits about each band member:

Camille Perretti-Fiato - Lead Singer & Background Vocals:
Camille got her start singing in Church, school plays and community theater before joining an active wedding band. She's also appeared and sang on Nickelodeon! During the pandemic, Camille started posting "Friday Songs" on Facebook and Instagram to keep from going stir crazy - and her virtual audience loved it! As the youngest of four girls, (who all currently sing in bands), Camille grew up in a house full of Beatles fans and is thrilled to be a part of The Day Trippers. Joel Levine - Bass Guitar, Keys, Lead & Background Vocals:
The third generation of a musical family, Joel started piano and violin at age 5, and later added trumpet. Next he learned drums at age 16, guitar at 18, and bass at age 20. Joel has been in well-known bands and played famous some famous venues. His group Strange But Surf, opened for The B-52's at The Space at Westbury and The Capitol Theater. Joel later joined Ultrasound, which included two television appearances, and now is playing the Beatles Catalog with The Day Trippers. The members of the Day Trippers readily admit that everyone in the group is a Beatles-Head, full of knowledge and history about the band; however Joel is in a class by himself when it comes to knowing every song the Beatles ever played and recorded. He even knows what instruments they used on each classic song. Michael Borkan - Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer and Background Vocals:
Over the years, Mike has been in two successful Long Island bands; a well-known Tom Petty group and a popular Classic Rock band. Mike prides himself on achieving a guitar sound that is strikingly similar to the original recordings. According to Mike, "When playing the songs of an iconic band like the Beatles, the songs have to sound and feel right." And he promises, it will. Recently he added a Guitar Synthesizer to his growing stable of effects and this has been a game changer. Beatle songs that make up the "Abbey Road Melody" now contain piano and orchestral instruments; "Penny Lane" now includes brass horns, and "Eleanor Rigby" now comes to life with a full orchestra when the Day Trippers take the stage. Bill Brady - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Vocals, & Harmonica Bill has been playing guitar for over 40 years. His bands have played such storied venues such as "The Spiral" and CBGB. He moved on to playing covers in Rock Dog, American Made, and Highway Robbery. He finally ended up playing in a Tom Petty cover band, Petty Five. Now he's with The Day Trippers, and ready to play the Beatles for you. Anthony DiBernardo, Drums, Vocals
Anthony, a drummer since the age of 10, has gigged since turning 16. He was in the popular band Floodwire. Don't let his age fool you - Anthony's been a huge fan of the Beatles since he could walk. His drumming is heavily influenced by Ringo. Anthony brings an amazing energy to the band and is thrilled to be a part of the The Day Trippers.
For additional information, please email: Mike@TheDayTrippers.Live